Big business and the April Fools’ Day prank

April Fools’ Day

Despite this morning’s news that the government had decided to ban Fools’ Day because it excludes non-fools (“it’s political correctness gone mad”, says Sun journalist, Jon Gaunt – usually), it seems like a number of big businesses have got involved in the day’s wacky festivities, producing stories and press-releases designed to amuse (but, more likely, confound) the public.

You Tube 

Video-sharing website, You Tube, got the ball rolling, with a video celebrating their 100th anniversary.

The celebrations remind us of a time when the Internet was nothing more than a single massive analytical engine, run out of a manor house in Bletchley Park.

Back then, the grainy, black and white videos uploaded were mainly of people with Hitler moustaches twirling walking-sticks and pretending to eat their shoes. Happy days…


BMW have a long history of running April Fools’ gags.  Some of which have even apparently been funny.

This year, they have announced a special royal wedding addition to their M3 fleet. It has ‘Will’ written on it. That’s the gag. (Yeah. Good.)

Land Rover

Land Rover announced the launch of a self-levelling tax disc to combat ‘health and safety’ issues affecting traffic wardens!

It’s political correctness gone mad – again.

Apparently, new legislation has been introduced (in Brussels, we can assume) to help prevent Traffic Enforcement Officers from developing RNS (Repetitive Neck Strain) whilst bending their necks to examine the tax discs of vehicles parked on hills.

As if anyone would do anything to help Traffic Wardens…


The Metro

Free London newspaper The Metro was not to be outdone – it ran two April Fools’ Day stories.

The first claimed that beefeaters had discovered unicorn remains at the Tower of London; the second that they had created the first ever edible news journal. (Rubbish – what about the Reader’s Digest?)

However, due to The Metro’s policy of covering news stories at least one day late, and closing their offices at the weekend, their April Fools’ Day stories won’t see light until next Monday at the earliest.


~ by wordwrites on April 1, 2011.

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