you’re being convinced by the wrong man, idiot!

This blog wasn’t supposed to be all about the election. So, I’m sorry about this – but the media coverage has got me all worked up…

My hackles were first raised by the completely unreasonable backlash against Nick Clegg in last week’s tabloids, where they informed us he had ‘Clegg on face’ (The Sun. Do you see what they did there?) and accused him of ‘Nazi slurs on Britain’ in The Daily Mail.

This week, prior to the second round of the live debates, most the Murdoch papers went about confidently predicting that Clegg would be taken to pieces by David Cameron on the issues of defense and immigration. When this drubbing failed to take place – and Clegg continued to give a fairly good account of himself – the tabloids just ignored all this and printed their headlines as they thought they should have looked. “Cameron fights back” declared The Telegraph. “Cameron wins with passion” said The Express. “The Cam back kid” added The Sun. (Clever!)

Having watched the debate when it aired on Thursday, I must not have been paying attention or something, because – to my mind – there was no discernible ‘winner’. It just appeared to be three men in grey suits, taking turns to point out how the other two squabble too much…  

But it was the sanctimonious tones employed by The Daily Mail this week that had me frothing at the gills. Their editorial went on the offensive (to the point of being openly so) complaining about the fickle nature of the British voter and mithering that, as a result, the political commentators of the ‘Mail would have to work overtime to save us from ourselves.

I’m not making this up – that’s pretty much what they said. Here’s the quote:

“It was a matter of some concern, that 10 per cent of the electorate could change their views so dramatically in the space of an hour and a half, and that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats could emerge as the apparent winners of that debate with the public learning so little of their policies and values. Over the past week, this newspaper has tried to rectify that failing, and we continue today with our examination of what the Liberals really stand for”.

That failing? Was Cameron’s performance in the debates so subtly brilliant that we all failed to notice?

It strikes me that, since the polls have not radically altered (despite all this rancour and diatribe), the British voter has seen this unnecessary media backlash for what it is –  namely, a series of shameless attacks on a man campaigning in, what is ostensibly, a democratic election.  

I just hope that unpleasant headlines – and a couple of long days in The Daily Mail office – don’t make people lose sight of that.


~ by wordwrites on April 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “you’re being convinced by the wrong man, idiot!”

  1. That’s all very well but you’re missing the bigger picture: to whit, that cartoon Graham Norton over the climactic last five minutes of Dr Who: Time of the Angels. Let me set this out in no uncertain terms, BBC; I BELIEVED EVERYTHING I HAD SEEN up until the witless and greedy for market-share puncturing of my disbelief. For shame BBC; all of the goodwill I built from the ground up after the horror of Gatiss’ Victory of the Daleks (yes, I’ll name names) squandered for the sake of what? An advert that would appear directly after the show which would in turn lead into the programme itself. Is this what we potentially could be paying our licence fees for? Is it? What?

    Oh and vote Green.

  2. I see the BBC have issued a slight apology r.e. the Graham Norton fiasco (we’re not calling it Nortongate just yet). They haven’t said they wont do it again, mind. Just noted that it pissed people off.

  3. Does this relate to my blog?

    You’re just messing with my mind.

    Hey, more power to you…

  4. Er. Poor Nick Clegg. That Paul Dacre’s really got it in for him. Will this do?

  5. That’s much better.

    Thank you.

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