drink malady


A slightly nothingy sort of a day where I did little but drift about wearing tweed, wondering how I’d squandered my youth without realising.

Luckily, I was in Broadstairs and the weather was nice, so it wasn’t so bad.

I sat around in the Albion Hotel drinking coffee and squinting at my laptop, trying to finish the content for my website. (The hotel has pedigree. Dickens wrote Nicholas Nickleby there. But I’m not sure how he felt about the coffee.)

An odd thing happened when I went to Tescos afterwards and a very smart old man got in front of me in the queue as I was paying. Not that odd by itself, I grant you – but when I’m standing in the line at the supermarket, I do a rather tragic thing. Basically, I look at the person in front of me and try to guess what they’re buying. The worst thing is, I’m pretty good at it. Especially considering that I’m mainly just looking at the back of their heads.

I looked at this man – clocked his smart woollen suit and shiny brogues – and confidentially predicted The Daily Telegraph, a bottle of French red and a tube of Fixodent.

What I got was quite different. He plonked his basket up next to the conveyor belt – and inside was two four-packs of Special Brew and a pack of toilet paper!

I’ve never seen that drink bought in quantity before.

Really, though, eight Special Brews and four rolls of toilet paper? You’ve got to hope he’s got that ratio right…


~ by wordwrites on April 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “drink malady”

  1. booze, broadstairs, dickens, special brew, tescos, dull, kent, tweed, brogues

    Edward Wordwrites – this is your life!

  2. And Bruce Robinson’s now i think about it

  3. Well, we are very similar.


  4. I’ve long thought that

  5. and sleeping in graveyards

  6. I haven’t done that in ages…


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